What Do Flat Iron Experts Know That We Don’t Know?

Flat irons are flexible and popular hair styling tools. They have actually been around a long time, but the new ones are sophisticated and a lot safer than the old ones used to be. You can use these tools to quickly straighten your hair, and also to make curls, beach waves, and hair flips.

A Short History Of Hair Irons

In fact, the first flat irons worked without electricity. They were simply heated up in the fireplace or on hot stones. Of course, this involved a lot of handling hot metal, burns, and hair damage. In fact, they actually were made out of iron. Women had to be brave and tough to style their hair back in the old days.

Today’s women are much luckier, because their hair styling tools are much safer. They work better too. Still, women styled their hair with actual “irons” for hundreds of years.

Tips To Get Professional Results From Modern Flat Irons

If you have ever seen a flat iron expert use one, it may seem like these tools can do just about anything to any hair. Of course, when you purchased one and took it home, the professional flat iron might not have been that simple to use. Here are some tips that should help you to style your hair like an expert at home!

Make sure you keep your flat iron as clean as possible. If you use products in your hair, these can get transferred to the iron’s surface. Over time, they will build up and reduce the effectiveness of your styling tool. The radiation that the tool emits will not be as effective if it has to travel through layers of hair products and hair oil. It is critical to clean your flat iron before you use it. If you don’t clean it every day, at least clean it two or three times a week.

It is also helpful to prepare your hair for styling. A good quality hydrating shampoo and conditioner will help keep your hair healthy when it is exposed to heat. Some natural hair oils can also help your hair perform better. Again, just be sure to remember to clean your iron periodically if you do have products on your hair when you style it.

How Do Flat Irons Work?

The most popular hair irons today are made from tough ceramics. They have come a long way from the old tools that were actually made out of iron, but they are still called irons because of the function they perform.

These ceramic irons actually produce negative ions and infrared heat. They also emit a very gentle heat. This quickly dries you hair, but it also seals it to preserve the moisture inside. That is why these new flat irons are much better for hair than the older metal ones used to be.  Check out the CHI flat iron – it’s awesome!

Flat irons are great tools that can help most women style their hair quickly. Hopefully, these tips can help you make the most of yours.