Should You Use a Flat Iron Comb?

Should You Use a Flat Iron Comb To Straighten Your Hair?

If you like to perm, color or style your hair you have probably encountered hot combs and flat irons. Styling your hair can be tough on both the hair itself and your scalp. Shampoos, gels, sprays and colors all strip your hair of its natural oils, and repeated exposure to them can dry out your scalp. Hot combs and hair straighteners can dry out your hair, and may burn you if they are not properly used.

What Is a Flat Iron Comb?

Flat iron combs are used in conjunction with flat irons to straighten your hair. They work by using a combination of heat and pressure to straighten your hair. Flat irons are usually electrically powered (unlike hot combs, which you heat yourself), and can achieve incredibly high temperatures. The flat iron comb is a heat resistant comb that is used to direct the hair and hold it taut while the flat iron is applied.

Who Should Use Flat Irons?

Flat irons are best used on natural hair. If your hair has been dyed, bleached or permed then you should not use any form of heat treatment on it because the risk of damaging your hair is too great. Chemically treated hair is already weakened, and you could end up making things worse if you try to straighten it.

Ask your hair stylist about the professional hair straightener flat irons they use to get an idea of what is best for you.

The Dangers of Flat Irons

Flat irons are slightly better for your hair than hot combs, but there are still some risks to using them. If you set the temperature too high, or leave the comb in contact with your hair for too long, then you could burn the hair, making it go frizzy, or leaving it susceptible to split ends (note: if you’re trying to straighten frizzy and/or curly hair read this).

Some people have reported burning themselves with flat iron combs, although this is more likely to happen with older models. Newer flat iron combs are smaller, which means they are safer to use near the hairline. In addition, they tend to have superior safety settings so they will not overheat.

Looking After Your Hair

If you decide to use flat irons in your hair, be sure to wash your hair first to remove any styling products for it. Dry the hair, and then divide it into sections, locking one section at a time into the flat iron comb.

Hold the comb so that there is a small amount of tension in the hair, and glide the flat iron through your hair. Start with a low heat setting and do not turn up the heat unless your hair does not respond to the treatment. The higher the heat setting you use, the greater the risk of damage to your hair.

No hair straightening treatment is without risk. Flat irons are perhaps the safest and best straighteners for natural hair. Using a flat iron comb makes it easier to straighten your hair and reduces the risk of tangled hair or accidental burns. If you have had your hair dyed or permed, ask your hairdresser for advice on the best straightening methods.