Curly/Frizzy Hair?

Finding the Best Straightener For Curly or Frizzy Hair

Many women who have naturally curly or frizzy hair would like to have easier to manage straight hair. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this. A blow dryer or paddle brush can be effective; however, a high-quality hair straightener will accomplish the task of straightening your hair follicle much better.

If you do have naturally curly or frizzy hair there are a variety of factors you want to look for when shopping for the best hair straightener available that fits within your budget.

The first thing you want to require in a hair straightener is an adjustable temperature control. This is because different hair thicknesses respond differently to different amounts of heat.

Fine hair, in particular, can be easily damaged by an iron that is too hot. Since a lot of people with curly hair also tend to have fine hair, the ability to adjust the temperature to the right temperature is important to get the best straightening effect without damaging your hair.

It is also important that you check to make sure that the hair straightener that has a minimum heat setting of 200 degrees Celsius. For very curly hair, especially if it is thicker, it will sometimes take a lot of heat to get the hair to remold itself into the straighter configuration. Therefore, the option of the higher temperature setting is imperative.

It is also important that you seek out a completely ceramic plate straightener with Toumaline technology infused into the plates like the professional hair dressers use. This technology helps produce extra negative ions that help to offset the positive ions that hairs usually produce. This tends to make the hair cuticle much smoother and decreases the chances of damaging the hair.

You also want to make sure that the entire straightener plate is ceramic and not just ceramic coated. This is because ceramic will hold heat very efficiently, which allows you to heat the iron up to the higher temperatures sometimes necessary to straighten very curly hair. The ceramic will also more evenly distribute the heat up and down the plates for a more efficient operation.

Another feature that is very useful in a hair straightener is a swivel cord. This makes it much more convenient to navigate it around your head so that it does not tangle up with itself. You might also potentially find a cordless model with all the necessary features to straighten your hair efficiently and are particularly convenient for people on the road all the time.

Instant heat flat irons can also be a nice convenience for those without a lot of time to wait for the iron to heat up before getting rid to head out the door.

These are some of the most important qualities to look for in terms of the best straightener for curly or frizzy hair. While it is hard to find all the features you want in any one model, the model that most meets the most necessary of the above criterion is Sedu, which is sold exclusively through